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Wardrobe Tips

The Truth About Dressing for the Life You Want

…because it may not be the most ideal thing to do wardrobe-wise.

It’s the pinterest-worthy quote you’ve probably heard a million times, but how practical is it?

The answer to that would depend on how close you are to having “the life you want”. It’s nice to have goals, dreams, and the motivation to accomplish them but build your wardrobe realistically while you do.

For example, if you are currently at entry level don’t feel the *need* to rush out and spend money to look like a CEO if you’re not there yet. However, if you are *thisclose* to reaching that next level in your life, then dress the part!

Remember that success doesn’t happen over night, so It doesn’t make you any less determined if you decide to wait a little while to buy the “look” of success. Doing it too soon will only leave you with a closet full of clothes you currently don’t have a reason to wear and that may not fit or even be stylish to you any more by the time you do.

Curate your wardrobe to look the absolute best you can for “the life you have” now, then shop and edit accordingly as you level up.