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Wardrobe Tips

5 Benefits of a Minimalist Wardrobe

A smaller curation of clothes is much easier to manage and definitely less stressful than a closet full of stuff that will barely get worn. Check out more benefits of a minimalist wardrobe below.

Empty White Room

#1: You won't miss the stuff!

I got rid of over half my clothes, I don't even regret doing it. Either I never wore them or they didn't look good on, so there was no need to hang on those items any longer.

#2: You'll be able to clearly define your style!

After the purge what I had left gave me an idea of what my personal style was. From there I was able to figure out how to build a new wardrobe based on what I really wanted to wear.

#3: You'll shop smarter!

This cleanse hasn't reduced my urge to shop, but it has made me more picky about what I want to actually buy. Now I ask myself, "Am I really going to wear that?" and the answer is probably no. It makes easier to see the difference between things I think are "cute" and the things that look cute on me.

#4: Your closet will look more organized!

I picked a color scheme I wanted to stick to wearing, so now my closet has a more uniformed look.

#5: Your outfits will be easier to put together!

Now that I wear colors that already work together, it hardly takes any time to decide what to wear